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TeleTrade MetaTrader 4 is the most popular, high-technology platform of online trading developed for comfortable conditions of work of our clients in the Forex curb market.

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Trading terminal: Spread: Leverage: StopOut: Order execution:

* Triple swap (rollover) day: Wednesday

MetaTrader 4 Floating Spread 1:100 20% Instant Execution

Terms of trade

Instrument Contract Minimal spread Long swap (%) Short swap (%)
(Cardano vs US Dollar)
1 0.0200000000 -20.00 -20.00
(Bitcoin Cash vs US Dollar)
1 2.1000000000 -20.00 -20.00
(BitcoinSV vs US Dollar)
1 2.0000000000 -20.00 -20.00
(Bitcoin vs US Dollar)
1 60.0100000000 -30.00 -20.00
(Bitcoin Gold vs US Dollar)
1 0.3000000000 -20.00 -20.00
(Dash vs US Dollar)
1 2.0010000000 -20.00 -20.00
(EOS vs US Dollar)
1 0.0601000000 -20.00 -20.00
(Ethereum Classic vs US Dollar)
1 0.1000000000 -20.00 -20.00
(Ethereum vs US Dollar)
1 2.0000000000 -30.00 -20.00
(IOTA vs US Dollar)
1 0.0050000000 -20.00 -20.00
(Litecoin vs US Dollar)
1 0.5100000000 -20.00 -20.00
(NEO vs US Dollar)
1 0.1500000000 -20.00 -20.00
(OmiseGO vs US Dollar)
1 0.0300000000 -20.00 -20.00
(TRON vs US Dollar)
1 0.0002000000 -20.00 -20.00
(Stellar Lumens vs US Dollar)
1 0.0020000000 -20.00 -20.00
(Monero vs US Dollar)
1 1.0100000000 -20.00 -20.00
(Ripple vs US Dollar)
1 0.0050000000 -20.00 -20.00
(ZCash vs US Dollar)
1 1.0100000000 -20.00 -20.00
(0x vs US Dollar)
1 0.0030100000 -20.00 -20.00

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