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Forex Trading Education

Knowledge is the key to your profits. We take pride in the success of our clients—and offer modern and qualitative education applying unique methodology developed at TeleTrade.
  • Office based education

    Face-to-face courses are one of the most effective training forms. A wide network of TeleTrade representative offices is available to you.

  • Remote learning

    The convenience of this method is evident: you decide on a place and time of your training session.

in groups
Individually-tailored training
with personal instructor

Immerse yourself in the work environment of our training auditorium and share experience with your fellow trainees. Free seminars and master classes at a TeleTrade's office serve as a start to your financial welfare.

Who is it for?

  1. For those who take their first step in trading on the exchange;
  2. For those who are used to working in a team and can't live their lives without personal interaction.

An experienced tutor will share all secrets of trading in financial markets. Your personal instructor will be focusing only on you learning, without being distracted by other clients.

You can schedule your classes, agreeing on the time with your tutor.

Who is it for?

  1. For those who likes to examine things in details and have firmly decided to catch all nuances of making money in financial markets;
  2. For those who need a personal training schedule.
Remote Learning

Willing to learn how to earn in financial markets but having no opportunity or time to attend training classes in the office?

Specially for you, we have developed a system of distance learning by hosting webinars. Gain vast knowledge available under the office-based training program from the comfort of your home!

Mistakes in trading are inevitable, especially if you are a novice trader in financial markets. But being aware of the pitfalls, you can minimize risks. That's why we recommend our clients to complete a basic training course for beginners before they start executing trading operations on a real account.

Basic Course “Fundamentals of Financial Markets”

  1. Conducted for free
    in the company's office
  2. Several classes
    by choice
  3. Flexible schedule: classes are held
    in the afternoon and in the evening

1. Orientation classes

Experienced instructors will share insights and explain to you what Forex and other financial markets are. You will learn:

  • how to carry out market analysis and forecast fluctuations in currency rates, stocks, precious metals and oil prices;
  • what will help you make truly high profits on the exchange;
  • how to stay calm in stressful situations – everything about psychological aspects of trading.

You will gain solid theoretical knowledge and more confidence, and, most importantly, you will determine to what extent you are interested in trading financial instruments (or in financial markets). Classes are held in the afternoon and/or in the evening – you can choose a schedule plan most appropriate for you. Each class is 1.5 hours in length.

2. Practial classes

You will more closely look into trading instruments, trading tactics and strategies, and will build skills necessary for trading on your own. You will learn:

  • how to trade in the MetaTrader 4/5 terminal;
  • to trade in the financial market with real quotes in real time by using a test account.

The frequency and schedule of your classes is determined by you.

3. $50,000 test account

Clients that signed up for a basic training course are offered a unique opportunity to build profitable trading strategies on a test (demo) account, without risking their own money. Funds for trading – $50,000 – are provided by the company.

Having acquired real-trading skills on a test account, you can make money on a real account. Upon opening a real account, every client gets a 24% per year bonus!

+ бонус
$1000 на старт!
How to start trading?
To start trading in Forex and other financial markets is easy. It will take you 4 steps to do it!

Download a trading terminal

Open a demo account

Complete free trading education

Open a real account, deposit it and start trading

A trading terminal (trading platform) enables you to work in the Forex, CFD and futures markets. By using the terminal, traders are able to analyze the dynamics of financial instruments and execute trading operations over the Internet.
Your success is in your hands! Start trading and make a profit! The main thing is not to be afraid to start! Upon opening a real account, a 24% per year bonus is offered!
Trade actively and increase your profits!

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