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Gold trapped in a paradox sideways

27 January 2020 Mark Goichmann

Gold futures on Monday continue to rise amid coronavirus outbreak in Chinese city of Wuhan. The price went almost to $1586/toz testing last week's highs at $1588.1 recorded on Friday.

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Where do we go from the era of the unconventional?

27 January 2020 Frederico Aragao Morais

Since the global financial crisis (GFC) of 2008, many central banks have opted to bring their prime interest rate closer to the so-called zero-lower bond (lower limit at which interest rates cannot be lower than zero) so that they could reach their inflation target. The British economist John Hicks (1937) and American Paul Krugman (1981) have called this condition a liquidity trap - a situation where conventional monetary policy loses its effectiveness as there is no longer room for a reduction in the interest rate.

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Coronavirus contaminates markets with risks

24 January 2020 Mark Goichmann

World markets are starting to assess new risks amid the breakout of the new coronavirus (2019-nCoV) in China. Markets fear the decease could quickly become worldwide that would mean restriction in traveling, goods production and exports as well as consumption. Investors are reminded previous SARS virus outbreak in the same Chinese province in 2002-2003 led to $59 billion losses, according to Asian development bank.

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Investors reconsider Netflix churn rate boosting shares by 7.24%

24 January 2020 Lysakov Sergey

Netflix (NFLX) stocks gained 7.24% closing $349.6 on Thursday after investors reconsider a disappointing guidance from the streaming giant where it stated elevating churn rate for 1Q2020.

"Our Q1'20 forecast reflects the continued, slightly elevated churn levels we are seeing in the U.S. plus an expectation for more balanced paid net adds across Q1 and Q2 this year, with seasonality more similar to 2018 than 2019", Netflix warned in a press release.

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Limber Brexit sheds optimism on pound

23 January 2020 Mark Goichmann

The epic Brexit is finally close to resolution. The United Kingdom will leave Europe Jan. 31. The UK Parliament approved the law and European Parliament due to approve it next Wednesday. So, on Jan. 31 the UK will be set free. Not completely while Britain should abide the EU laws until the end of 2020 when a new trade deal between the parties expected to be approved.

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Bank of Canada and cheaper oil guides Loonie to a negative territory

23 January 2020 Lysakov Sergey

Canadian dollar lost ground after pretty dovish comments made by the Bank of Canada in its interest rate announcement and monetary policy report on Wednesday. USD/CAD was trading near 1.3050 before the BoC news were released and climbed to 1.3160 as a market reaction still evolve.

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Oil prices at crossroads

22 January 2020 Mark Goichmann

Brent oil prices continue to slide from strong resistance level of $66 per barrel to this year lows of $64. International energy agency (IEA) released a forecast for 1H2020 with a surplus of 1 mln barrels per day that keeps the prices at their lows.

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Canadian dollar treads water ahead of BoC message

22 January 2020 Lysakov Sergey

USD/CAD consolidated in a narrow 50-point range for the second week, after more expansive movements of December.

Canadian dollar was strengthened well in the last days of the year in a remarkable correlation with rising oil prices. Before the escalation of Iran-USA conflict in the first days of 2020, when oil prices gapped for the most expensive January levels, the Loonie was trading near 1.2950 against US dollar. But, as soon as oil futures came to more appropriate price area US dollar immediately climbed higher, lifting USD/CAD to 1.31.

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Euro: a battlefield of ECB and Fed

21 January 2020 Mark Goichmann

European Central Bank's president Christine Lagarde expected to announce the framework of the Bank's revamped monetary policy on Jan. 24.

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Starbucks could post a new record on strong Q42019 earnings

21 January 2020 Lysakov Sergey

Inspiring Q42019 earnings report due to be released Jan. 23 could enable Starbucks shares (SBUX) to update its highs of July 2019 if Starbucks will follow the scenario of many rising shares of different companies on the US stock market that performed well in 2019.

The Starbucks shares today is still $6 below its highs recorded last summer when it reached $99.72 per share. Taking into account than it gained already 78% over the last 18 months and made a correction to $81 in Nov. 2019 any inspiring earnings report could push the price above the record highs near $100.

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