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Profitable operations in the off-exchange Forex market
  • Independent Trading Complete control over success

    Become the successful trader: open the trading account, put funds, download the trade terminal and begin trade.

  • Master - Invest Help from skilled customers

    Get profit, exempting themselves from need to make decisions on each transaction. Copy transactions of skilled clients in the automatic mode, keeping complete control over the funds.

  • Studying Knowledge is a pledge of your profit

    Free courses on trading. Knowledge – pledge of future profit. Modern, high-quality training on the unique techniques developed In the TeleTrade company.


MetaTrader trading terminal The trade terminal (trading platform) is a workplace of the trader and allows to trade In the off-exchange Forex market. The terminal helps traders to analyze dynamics of Non-deliverable off-exchange financial instruments and make trade operations on the Internet.

Applications for smartphones and tablets

  • The trade terminal can be uploaded and used on computers with the Mac OS operating system through Wine. Wine is the freely distributed software allowing users of Unix-like systems to run the applications developed for usage in the Microsoft Windows systems. Among others, there is also a Wine version for Mac OS.
  • Wine is not completely stable product.This means that not all functions of this application can work properly.
  • For installation on Mac OS we recommend to use freely Extended development of PlayOnMac. PlayOnMac is the software based on Wine allowing to upload Windows applications in the Mac OS system Easily.

Detailed instruction

MetaTrader 4 for work on a demo and real accounts

Detailed instruction

MetaTrader 4 MultiTerminal for work on a demo and real accounts

Detailed instruction
  • Work on real and a demo accounts
  • Quotations of financial instruments in real time
  • A full set of trade warrants, including the postponed warrants
  • Trade directly in a schedule window
  • Support of all types of execution of trade operations
  • Full history of trade

Detailed instruction

  • Work on real and a demo accounts
  • Quotations of financial instruments in real time
  • A full set of trade warrants, including the postponed warrants
  • Trade directly in a schedule window
  • Support of all types of execution of trade operations
  • Full history of trade

Detailed instruction

  • 15 Jun 2017

    On June 9-11, the employee of TeleTrade Marina Mokanu successfully performed at the fitness bikini III Olympia Amateur Spain in Marbella (Spain), where athletes from all national federations of bodybuilding and fitness bikini affiliated with the IFBB were introduced. Marina won the honorable second place.

  • 07 Jun 2017

    TeleTrade employee Marina Mokanu won the gold medal at the bodybuilding competition IFBB Diamond Cup Portugal 2017, which was held on June 4 in Portugal's Espinho. Marina won the tournament in the category «Fitness bikini» up to 160 cm.

    The spectators of IFBB Diamond Cup Portugal 2017 became several thousand of bodybuilding and fitness bikinis fans who came to the town on the Atlantic coast from Europe, Brazil and North Africa.

  • 07 Jun 2017

    Dear Clients,

    Please be advised that on June 12, 2017, the trading sessions in CFD on currency USDRUB will be closed.

    Please keep the above information in mind when planning your trading transactions.

    Also, let us kindly remind you that our Holiday Calendar is available to be viewed on the company's website.

    Kind regards,



What is the Forex?

"Forex – the international market in which there is a trade in currencies. The main participants who are working with transactions in the Forex market are the banks which are carrying out a direct currency exchange.

But there are also other participants of the Forex market, namely - forex traders whose main aim – to earn on a difference of exchange rates. Traders trade in currencies for the purpose of receiving profit, carrying out transactions with the help of the companies providing services in the Forex market, or as they are called still Forex-brokers.

Forex-brokers – the specialized companies which provide access to the Forex market for Internet trading implementation."

Learn how to trade on Forex market

Traders can independently study how to trade on Forex, studying specialized literature, or on the training courses of Forex.

The training TeleTrade programs are optimized foк training people For successful trade in the financial markets. There are suitable seminars as for beginners, and for skilled traders who are carried out remotely and at offices of the TeleTrade company. Thus, traders can choose for themselves the most convenient option of training. Individual approach to each client and high standards of training – Only some of the main features of our training programs

Profit by enhancement of the capital

Access to the Forex market is provided through the special computer program which is called a trading platform (terminal). Investors can download the trading platform suitable for them and begin to trade in the foreign exchange market.

It is possible to increase the capital in the Forex market in via continuous changes of exchange rates. So, for example, if today you buy 1 euro for 1.2 US dollars, and tomorrow euro will cost 1.3 dollars, then, having sold euro tomorrow, you receive 0.1 dollars of profit. Of course, trade goes on Forex with much larger volumes therefore the profit is much bigger, as well as the risks."

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